3 Types Of Service Bodies To Consider For Your Commercial Truck

Commercial trucks are versatile vehicles that serve a wide range of purposes within the modern industry. A lot of the versatility that is associated with commercial trucks can be attributed to the unique service bodies that are paired with these vehicles.

A service body is essentially a modified body that is attached to the cab of a commercial truck. Being able to identify the service body that will best serve your needs gives you the ability to customize your commercial truck for maximum efficiency.

Here are three unique service bodies to consider for your commercial truck.

1. Crane Bodies 

If you routinely need to access vertical work areas, a crane body could be a great addition to your commercial truck. Crane bodies feature storage compartments along both sides of the service body. A crane arm is folded and stored in the center cavity of the truck body.

Crane bodies come with crane arms that are a variety of different lengths. You can also customize the weight limit of your crane body to ensure it has the lifting capacity needed to assist you in your day-to-day activities.

Having a crane body for your commercial truck eliminates the need to rent a crane each time you need to access a vertical workspace.

2. Dump Bodies

Dump service bodies are another type of specialized truck body that may benefit your company over time. A dump body essentially turns your commercial truck into a functional dump truck.

Dump bodies can have sides that are raised to prevent loose materials from moving during transit, or no sides to allow for maximum volume when hauling larger debris. Some dump bodies feature manual dump release controls, while others have automatic controls that allow you to dump the contents of the service body with the push of a button. Be sure that you consider the types of materials you move most often before investing in a dump body for your commercial truck.

3. Enclosed Bodies

Sometimes you need the durability and power of a truck, but you don't want the contents of your load exposed. An enclosed truck body is the best option for these scenarios. An enclosed truck body will resemble a cargo van, but still have the specialized compartments and storage features of a standard service body. The contents of an enclosed body can only be accessed via a rear door, which gives you the ability to safely lock your load at all times.

Contact a local service provider to learn more about truck service bodies.