The Benefits Of Renting A Beam Lift To Put A Heavy Load Into Place In Your Warehouse

Do you have a particularly heavy or large item that you need to lift to an elevated height within your warehouse? Depending on just how large or heavy the object is, it might not be safe to try and lift it with any of your current equipment. Especially long or heavy items can be lifted safely with a beam lift but perhaps you don't have access to one right now. Here's why renting a beam lift might be the right choice for this particular task.

Save Money By Renting If You Won't Need to Repeat This Task Frequently

There's no need to spend thousands on your own beam lift if this is a one-time or less frequent task. You can rent a beam lift for as long as you need while spending so much less money. The beam lift can be delivered to your warehouse and then picked up when you are done, and you won't have to perform any maintenance or find a storage spot for it.

A Beam Lift Makes Lifting the Load Safer 

A beam lift typically features one hook attached to the top of the beam that the apparatus uses to actually lift it into the air, and then the item being lifted hangs from below the beam while connected to multiple hooks that will run the full length of the beam if needed. This ensures weight will be distributed from one side of the beam to the other and even if one hook snaps or is not connected correctly, the item being lifted will stay connected to the beam. A beam lift helps create a safer lift for your employees.

Only One Hook On Top of the Beam Gives You Lots of Headroom

Because there is only one hook (or sometimes two) on top of the beam and the item being lifted is below the beam, you'll be able to lift the beam quite high, almost up to the ceiling if needed because you'll have lots of headroom without anything getting in the way up top.

Hanging the Item From the Bottom of the Beam Using Hooks Lets You Drop It Into Place

Because the item is lifted by hooks and then essentially hangs from the bottom of the beam, this means there will be no equipment underneath the item as it rises. This will make it easier to position the item into place and then simply unhook it from the beam to allow the item to drop gently onto its new location.

Reach out to a local beam lift rental shop to learn more about this type of equipment.