7 Popular Applications Of Hydraulic Cylinders

You must have heard numerous experts mention hydraulic cylinders when discussing the essential components in several types of machinery. But do you know what these cylinders are and why they are vital in most industries? If not, don't fret. You will find out about them and their applications in this article.

What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder is an actuator that creates force and induces linear motion using a pressurized hydraulic fluid like oil. The cylinder contains a barrel attached to a piston linked to a shaft that moves it up and down, exerting force on the hydraulic fluid, which initiates work.  

Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

Some of the most common applications of hydraulic cylinders are in the following industries:

1.    Automotive 

The automotive industry heavily relies on hydraulic systems in every sphere of production. That includes incorporating cylinders in automobiles to boost their performance. You will find hydraulics in full effect in your automobile's braking system, motors, and various pumps.

2.    Construction

You are more likely to encounter hydraulic cylinders on construction sites. Some of the construction pieces of equipment that need hydraulic systems for effective operation include bulldozers and backhoes. Other than heavy machinery, simpler ones like jackhammers also rely on hydraulic cylinders to create the immense force needed for their operation.

3.    Agricultural 

Most heavy equipment in the agricultural industry, including tractors and harvesters, use hydraulic cylinders to operate their respective components. And, other machines like planters and wood splinters also rely on hydraulic systems too.

4.    Petrochemical 

The oil and gas industry needs durable hydraulic cylinders to perform diverse functions like drilling and fracking. Hydraulic systems in this industry also get incorporated in jacking systems used to lower and lift excavators, rigs and trucks, and numerous other well-drilling equipment.

5.    Food 

The food and beverage industry has many uses for hydraulic cylinders. First, the forklifts necessary to move inventory, ingredients, and final products can't operate efficiently without hydraulics. Moreover, hydraulic cylinders are essential in the conveyance systems used to sort, distribute, and transport products. And, various other sections like chopping, slicing, and dicing; mixing and blending; and cans and bottle sealing require these systems to perform.

6.    Civil engineering 

Hydraulic cylinders are essential to numerous civil engineering applications. Without these cylinders, gates, flow dams, and barrages cannot operate as required. And, if these operations fail to operate as intended, they impede critical processes like electricity generation.

7.    Landscaping

In the landscaping industry, transporting enormous quantities of dirt, gravel, and mulch is almost a daily affair. And to carry out these functions, numerous machinery, including skid steer loaders, must be equipped with quality hydraulic cylinders.