Keys To Maintaining AGM Batteries

AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries are coveted for their high currents and their long service life. However, in order for them to last long, they have to be properly maintained. This will require you to perform the following steps.

Charge Regularly

If you don't get in the habit of charging your AGM battery, then sulfation can occur. It can then prevent your battery from holding a charge, essentially rendering it useless. Recharging your battery isn't that difficult or time-consuming. You just need to keep a consistent recharging schedule going, especially if you plan on storing the AGM battery for long periods of time.

When you go to take it out of storage, it will work just like the day you put it in, and that prevents your operations from being put on the backburner. The battery will be ready when you are.

Use the Appropriate Charger

The charger you use with your AGM battery isn't something to neglect. It greatly impacts how effective you're able to charge these special batteries. Also, if you used the wrong unit, sulfation might occur and then the battery no longer will work like it's supposed to.

The best way to find the appropriate charger for your AGM battery is to see what your battery manufacturer recommends. They'll have a specific brand and model number for the charger. Take their suggestion and then you'll have no issues keeping your AGM battery charged throughout the year.

Be Strategic About Storage

Storage is one of the most impactful aspects of maintaining an AGM battery, especially one that is currently not being used. Rather than just picking any location, you need to find a spot that has particular qualities.

An ideal spot is one that is both cool and dry. If temperatures got too hot, that can cause severe damage to the AGM battery and also lead to safety issues. Also, make sure the storage location is well ventilated. This will help better control the ambient temperature in a way that's conducive to the AGM battery's condition and performance.

Also, think about a place that's completely sealed off from the weather elements. You can then worry less about your AGM battery going dead sooner than it should.

AGM batteries are relied upon for many different parts and machines. If you have some and want to make the most out of their performance, take the right maintenance precautions throughout the year. 

To get more advice on caring for AGM deep cycle batteries, talk to a supplier in your area.