How Steel Pipe Is Used In Construction

Steel pipe is a resource that has multiple uses in the construction of a new building. New steel pipe is available in many sizes, lengths, and wall thickness to fit the needs of the pipe, and it uses, and in some situations, you may even be able to buy steel pipe that is custom made for a task that is unique to your building.

Steel Pipe Pilings

Every building needs a solid foundation to stand on, and the taller the building is, the more robust the foundation needs to be to support the structure properly. When the foundation of a large building is being constructed, steel pipe is often used as pilings that are driven into the ground around the base and then filled with concrete.

The steel pipe will ensure the concrete stays contacted, and the steel pipe is then tied into the foundation, creating an anchor that extends far below the building. Because the steel pipe and the concrete in it become one solid unit, tieing the base of the building to it makes it much easier to keep the structure from tipping over. The steel pipe pilings act like the roots of a tree, but they are supporting a building in this case.

Pressure Lines

Steel pipe is available in many different thicknesses and diameters, so using a steel pipe to pump gas or liquid through is common in industrial and commercial settings. Steam for heating systems in large buildings is often routed through a new steel pipe, and it put in place during the construction of the building so that the pipes are integrated and hidden in the design.

Steel pipe can be used for water, fuels for furnaces, chemicals used in industrial plants, and many gases that need to be under pressure. Because of the steel pipe's strength and durability, the pressure rating is typically higher than other materials, and it is not difficult to install. 

If you need a specific type of pipe for the job, you can contact your steel pipe distributor to have it ordered. Used in this way, an industrial plumbing contractor is the best person to put the lines in place because they understand the best way to connect the pipe and ensure that is will not leak when the gas or liquid enters the system.

None Pressure Lines

In contrast to the pressure systems, steel pipe is sometimes used for running none pressurized liquids through. A water line that needs to run underground may need to be strong to support the material above it but still allow passive water to flow through it. 

Steel pipe is a good fit in this situation because the heavy-walled steel pipe's crush resistance can support a lot of weight and last for many years without a lot of maintenance. Contact a company like Hillenburg  Pipe & Supply today.