Need To Rent Scaffolding? 5 Tips To Help Ensure Safe And Secure Use

If you've decided to rent scaffolding for your next rooftop project, take the necessary steps to avoid accidents and mishaps. Scaffolding provides the perfect space to gain access to your roof, especially when you need more than an ordinary ladder. However, improper use of scaffolding can lead to serious injuries. To help you avoid those, here are five safety instructions you should follow. 

Keep Kids and Pets Away

If you're going to be working with scaffolding on your next project, be sure to keep kids and pets away from the area. Not only can small children and pets be injured on scaffolding, but they can also pose a safety risk for you. First, they may try to climb on the scaffolding, which can lead to injuries. Second, they may bump into the scaffolding, which can cause it to collapse. The best way to avoid accidents and injuries is to keep kids and pets in the house while the scaffolding is in your yard. 

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

If you're going to be on scaffolding for your next project, take steps to avoid unnecessary distractions, including music. Distractions can cause you to lose focus, which can put you at risk for falls and other types of accidents. Before you begin working on your scaffolding, be sure that you've eliminated all potential distractions. 

Don't Overload the Work Platform

If you're trying to save time and energy, you may think that filling the platform with all your gear is the way to go. After all, it will eliminate your need to travel up and down the scaffolding. Unfortunately, overloading your work platform will eliminate the space you need to safely navigate the scaffolding. Not only that, but if the load becomes unbalanced, your scaffolding could tip over. The best way to avoid collapse and trip-and-fall accidents is to keep the work platform as clear as possible. 

Practice Maneuvering Before You Begin

If you've never worked on scaffolding before, you need to practice maneuvering before you begin the actual project. Take some time climbing the scaffolding to familiarize yourself with the process. Also, spend some time moving around on the work platform. Practice will help you avoid mistakes that could lead to serious accidents and injuries. 

Have Someone on Standby

If you're going to be working on scaffolding in your yard, make sure that you have someone on standby. It's never a good idea to work on scaffolding when you're the only one around. You want to have someone nearby in case of emergency. They don't need to be on the scaffolding with you, but they should be close enough to provide assistance should an emergency situation arise.

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