House Near A Shoreline? Ways The Lake Is Protected And How You Can Help

If you have a house that is near a shoreline you know the price of your house will increase if the water on the lake, river, etc., is in pristine condition. One thing that can cause unhealthy water is nutrients that may be in the water. Below is information on determining the water quality on the lake you live near, as well as processes that are used to make the water healthy again.

Determine the Lake Status

The first thing you can do is to determine the lake status. This is making sure the water quality of the lake is in good condition. You can contact your local water department and ask who you can contact about determining the water status. This will likely be a pollution control agency for your state.

The agency will send out a representative to your home. They will then take samples of the water from different areas of the lake. The agency may already have samples of the current water that is near your house on file. Even if they do if it has been some time since the samples have been taken, they will still send someone out to your home.

Once the agency has the samples, they will test the water for many agents, such as phosphorous and nitrogen. If these agents are found to be too high the agency will then take action to remove the nutrients from the water.

How Nutrients Are Removed

Nutrients can be removed from water using a variety of processes. What is chosen will determine how high the levels of nutrients are in the water, as well as the type of nutrients that were found.

The process they choose will remove all solids and then separate the water. One type of process will increase oxygen levels in the water, which can help control nutrients. If the body of water is not very large the company may pump the water out to remove the nutrients, and then pump healthy water back into the body of water.

Harvesting is another process that can be used. This process only removes a small amount of nutrients, however, so will not be used if the nutrient level was found to be very high.

The agency that you talk with can give you more information about other techniques that are used to remove nutrients from water. The company can also tell you of other ways you can help in the future.

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