Things To Check When Your Washing Machine Isn't Working

If your home's washing machine has suddenly stopped working, your first instinct is probably to call for washing machine repair. However, you can troubleshoot the problem and potentially get your washer working again. Here's a look at some of the things that you can inspect to either restore the machine's operation or invest in some washing machine parts that will help you to get your machine working again.

Is The Washer Getting Power?

Make sure that the washing machine is getting power. Test the power outlet with a multimeter to ensure that there's power going to the outlet. If there isn't, make sure that the breaker isn't tripped. If it's not, you'll need to have the outlet examined by an electrician.

Is There A Thermal Switch On The Motor?

Some washing machines have a safety switch that shuts down the washer if the motor gets too warm. Sometimes the motor can get warm if there's insufficient airflow. Try turning the washer on again after the motor has had time to cool. If it starts again, that's an indication of a thermal shutdown. If it's a one-time thing, it's nothing to worry about, but if it shuts down repeatedly, you'll need to talk with a washing machine repair technician about it.

Is The Lid Switch Stuck?

There's a switch on the lid of most every washing machine. This switch is designed to stop the washing machine from running when you open the lid mid-cycle. If the switch is stuck, it could prevent the washing machine from starting at all. You may need to talk with a washing machine parts supplier to get a new switch to fix this problem.

Is The Dial Malfunctioning?

If the washing machine won't power on when you turn the dial to a cycle starting point but will come on if you turn it further, that's an indication that there's something malfunctioning in the dial. You may need to have the control panel tested and potentially repaired. In some cases, you can replace the dial to repair the problem, but in other cases, the control panel may need to be replaced entirely to ensure that your washing machine functions as it should.

These are some of the most common reasons why your washing machine may not be running as it should be. Talk with a washing machine parts company like Electric Appliance Parts Co or repair company today for more information and to see if any of these issues may be the source of your washing machine's malfunction.