Metric Fasteners In The Automotive Industry: Understanding Why They Matter And What Grade To Use

Fasteners are used in various commercial and construction industries. When it comes to the automotive industry, you want to ensure you have fasteners that will withstand the test of time. Manufacturing a vehicle requires that every piece is fashioned together tightly and securely. Any loose pieces could result in an accident that could lead to the expensive fallout of a manufacturer's defect. It is important that you understand why metric fasteners are a big deal and why aerospace quality is the way to go.

Why Use Metric Fasteners?

When it comes to fasteners, you can choose between metric or imperial hardware. Although you can achieve strength and quality with imperial fasteners, metric fasteners are a far better option. For starters, the United States is the only country to use the imperial units of measurement. Metric units of measurement are considered global. Therefore, using metric fasteners allows you to more accurately communicate measurements to production plants in other countries.

The ability to communicate accurate measurements with production plants in other countries helps you improve and maintain safety. Using a different form of measurement could lead to miscommunication and increase the likelihood of manufacturing errors. Even the slightest manufacturing error could end up putting drivers at risk, which could harm your manufacturing company's reputation.

Choosing the Right Grade

Fasteners come in various grades and materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Superalloys

As far as the grade of the fasteners, those produced for the aerospace industry are perhaps some of the strongest fasteners you will find. Take into consideration that fasteners used in the aerospace industry must withstand some of the harshest conditions. Although vehicles do not go through the same demands as an aircraft, you should still want to use something strong and reliable.

Therefore, consider the benefits of aerospace-grade fasteners when producing cars for your customers. Metric fasteners made for the aerospace industry are resistant to both rust and corrosion. Also, they are typically made from materials such as stainless steel, carbon, and chromium.

If you are interested in improving the safety and reliability of the vehicles you produce and put on the road, talk to a qualified expert about the different fasteners available. A professional can help provide additional information about aerospace-grade fasteners and the best material choices available to you. Further, an expert can help you determine more benefits that exist when you choose to use metric fasteners rather than imperial ones.

To learn more about metric fasteners, consult a resource in your area.