How Are Your Fire Extinguishers? 4 Reasons They Need To Be Serviced

If you have fire extinguishers in your office, you may think that they'll last forever. However, that's not entirely correct. Without proper maintenance, your fire extinguishers might not be able to provide you the protection you need in a fire emergency. For maximum protection, your fire extinguishers should be inspected at least once a year and serviced at least once every six years. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to adhere to that schedule. 

Locate Hidden Damage

When it comes to your fire extinguisher, the outside of the canister doesn't always tell the entire story. Your fire extinguisher may look like it's in good condition, but that might not be the case on the inside. Not only that, but the small gaskets and valves may have suffered damage as well. The best way to identify those problems and repair them is to ensure proper maintenance and inspections. 

Keep Hoses Clear

If you haven't tested your fire extinguishers in a while, you may have hose blockages that you don't know about. Unfortunately, if the hoses are clogged, your fire extinguishers aren't going to work when you need them. The only way to clear blockage in the hoses is to have them professionally serviced and repaired. To avoid issues related to blockages and to keep the hoses on your fire extinguishers clear and ready for use, be sure to schedule routine maintenance and inspections as needed. 

Identify Pressure Gauge Issues

If your fire extinguishers haven't been serviced or inspected in a few years, you have no way to tell if the pressure gauges are working properly. Unfortunately, problems with the pressure gauges will prevent your fire extinguishers from utilizing the right pressure to release the contents of the canister. Without the right pressure regulation, your fire extinguisher won't be able to provide the protection you need in the event of a fire. To identity pressure gauge issues, you need to have your fire extinguishers inspected and serviced as soon as possible. 

Ensure Proper Levels

Finally, if you haven't had your fire extinguishers recharged lately, they may not be filled to proper levels. Unfortunately, that means your fire extinguishers may not be effective the next time you're faced with a fire in your office. If you've used your fire extinguishers in the past, or they've sat unused for a few years, it's time to have them recharged. Fire extinguisher recharging can be done during the inspection and service call.