Three Of The More Unusual Scenarios For Renting A Forklift (And Why They Work!)

Forklift rentals are typically a service utilized in industrial and warehouse settings. However, it does not mean that you cannot rent a forklift for other scenarios and other uses. The following illustrates some of the more unusual scenarios for renting a forklift and why a forklift works in these situations. 

Lifting a Cow

Most farmers will tell you, "A downed cow is a dead cow." It means that the longer a cow lays down and does not get up, the more likely they will lie there until they cut all circulation off from their legs and eventually dies from dehydration, starvation, and a lack of blood flow to their extremities and internal organs. Farmers will go to great lengths to get a downed cow to stand, but you can only push and pull a one-ton animal so much before you are too exhausted to do any more.

A forklift, on the other hand, can sneak its prongs under the cow and then lift them to a standing position. Before giving the cow full control of their own legs again, the forklift can gently dangle their legs just an inch or less off the ground so that circulation returns to the cow's extremities. Then the cow should be able to stand on their own again when the forklift lowers all the way and backs off. For added support, ropes can be used to steady the cow on the prongs of the forklift while lifting the cow up. 

Lifting a Crunched Vehicle From an Accident Scene

Tow trucks cannot haul away a mangled vehicle from the scene of a bad car accident without help. If the crunched vehicle has at least two openings into the car or under the car where a forklift can insert its prongs, the forklift can get in there and lift the mangled wreckage off the ground and onto the back of a flatbed tow truck. Then the flatbed tow truck can either haul the wreck to a salvage yard or to an impound yard if the police want to investigate it. 

Lifting Cages With Wild Animals Inside

Animals almost always are transported in cages. Usually, the animals will be sedated, but if the sedation wears off, anyone standing too close to the cage could be in jeopardy. A forklift can easily get in there, lift the cage, carry the cage with the beast inside into or onto any mode of transport, and do it all without injury to the animal or a single human being.