Septic Tank Repair: How A Girth Welder Can Help

Industrial-sized septic tanks are not as uncommon as you think. Any industrial company that chooses to build in a remote area where the city water is not accessible requires a septic tank of massive proportions. These industrial septic tanks are as big as they are so that they can hold the waste of every employee working in the plant. If you purchase an abandoned industrial plant with a septic system, the first thing you may need to do is unearth and inspect the septic tank. If the tank is fairly solid but needs some repairs, you can hire a welder and get an automatic girth welding machine to make the repairs. Here is how this particular welding machine can fix your industrial septic tank:

Find the Leaks and Patch Them

Most girth welders are accustomed to applying thick sheets of steel to even larger structures than this industrial septic tank of yours, but it can still work. Your welder would be looking for weak spots and leaks in the tank, and then using thick sheets of steel applied to the tank via the girth welder. The sheet of steel is placed over the weak spot or hole, and then the girth welder slowly rises up the side of the tank, welding the edge of the sheet of steel to the tank.

This is repeated on the opposite side of the sheet of steel. The girth welder is able to weld in a slightly curved formation around the rounded areas of the septic tank. As for the top and bottom edges of the sheet of steel, most welders can use an arc welding machine and tool to secure these edges after the girth welder has completed the rest. 

Girth Welding Reinforces the Tank as a Whole

If you choose to do so, the welding contractor and the automatic girth welder can reinforce the entire tank with steel sheeting. It is a good idea if you want to conserve on restoration expenses and the inside of the septic tank itself is still adequate. Reinforcing the exterior will give you at least another decade of use, possibly two, before you have to completely replace the industrial septic tank. The difference in savings and cost is significant enough for you to consider this option, but you will have to make a decision while the contractors have the whole septic tank unearthed and fully exposed.