Dust Collection System Installation To Protect Employee Health And Keep The Shop Clean

In a machine shop, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), sets a standard for air quality and cleanliness within industrial settings. To remain in compliance with OSHA, it is necessary to have the right dust collection system installation in place to protect your entire space and remove contaminants from the air. Choosing the correct system for your shop will depend on the type of manufacturing going on, the size of your shop, and the type of particles you need to remove from the air. When powder or solid particles are getting into the air because of the work that is happening, you will need to have a system in place that deals with the particles and removes them from the air.

Protect the Air Quality in Your Shop

Small particles of dust, chemicals, and other pollutants can be hazardous to the overall health of your employees. OSHA has set standards for the air quality in your factory, and you must be in compliance. If you are not in compliance with air quality standards, your employees may get sick. If you have an employee that has respiratory distress because of long-term exposure to toxins you didn't remove from the air, you are going to be held liable for the injuries your employee sustains.

Keep Your Shop Clean

While a small, at-home woodshop can get away with cleaning up wood particles at the end of the day with a broom or vacuum, this is not enough for a larger machine shop. In order to keep surfaces clean, it's important to remove particles from the air before they can settle onto everything and make a mess.

Protect Your Machinery

Dust collection systems do more than remove particles from the air and keep you in compliance with OSHA. When you have less dust in the air, you are going to be protecting your expensive machinery. While you will still have to provide maintenance to your machinery, you don't want to add any extra dust or dirt into the mix when you can have a dust collection system installation done to keep everything clean.

Keep the air quality in your shop clear and avoid dust particles from settling in your shop with a dust collector installation. Talk to your technician about the types of systems available to you, and choose one that will work for the environment you are trying to keep clean. Contact Lapp Millwright for more.