How You Can Use Crushed Stone To Improve Your Store's Comfort And Curb Appeal

Enhancing your store in any way can help draw new business through your front doors and increase your profit margins when all is said and done. Here are a few ways you can use crushed stone to improve comfort, convenience, and curb appeal outside of your store:

Enhance Walking Pathways

Building walking pathways through your property between the parking lot and entrances of your store will provide convenience for customers and enhance the overall look and feel of your property. But cement pathways can seem boring, and dirt pathways can get people dirty.

Filling your pathways with crushed stone will add some depth to your landscape and help ensure that mud puddles won't develop when it rains outside. The crushed stone will also help keep weeds from growing on the pathways, so your hardscaping will need less maintenance as time goes on.

Fill in the Garden Areas

A great way to keep weeds from growing around your bushes, flowers, and trees is to spread crushed stone around all of your garden areas. The crushed stone will give your garden areas a professional, clean look that your customers are sure to appreciate when visiting your store. And the serene atmosphere the crushed stone helps you create throughout your gardens might put your customers in a better mood, which could result in more sales when they're inside your store.

Surround Your Signage

Make your signage stand out from everything else on the crowded streets by surrounding signage with crushed stone. You can use stone that is the same colors as your store signs or create some drama by using all white or all black crushed stones. You won't have to worry about grass and weeds growing up over your signs. And people will be less likely to loiter by your signs because they won't have any cozy grass to hang out on.

Create a Gravel Parking Lot

Concrete and asphalt parking lots are nice and smooth, but they are expensive to maintain and repair. They can also be easy for your customers to drive too fast on, which could increase the chance of accidents as time goes on. Using crushed stone to create a gravel parking lot will help slow people down and give the space a welcoming look.

And you can easily add more crushed stone when you need to in order to maintain the parking lot over time. If you already have a concrete or asphalt parking lot, you can have your contractor lay fresh crushed stone over the lot to create the look and feel of a gravel one. Talk to a crushed stone supplier in your area to learn more about your options.